Since day one, my goal as been to help people change their mind, body  & life. For this reason only, I perfected my approach with my clients month after month since 2011. 

As today, the personal training service I can offer is by far the only single one I can truly track your results and assure you get where you want to be.


Remove the guess work, get what you need right from the get-go.

When I first started, I had to read, watch and listen day in and day out about training. 

I couldn't find everything in one place, I lost many months of results because of that. 

One thing that sticked though, is that I love seeing results and progress. Even more than that, I love helping others getting it.

Everything tailored for you

This is the ultimate training service that you were looking for. 

I will not just send you your macros to reach, you will know exactly what to eat and how you can adapt it to your lifestyle.

What Comes with all personal plans?

Access to Team Fitt section

No matter which plan you get, you will have this with it.

Priority Email Support

Premium access to all my personal workouts and program to gain strength, size & for cutting.

I'll be getting back to you within 24 business hours.

You get access to my personal email.

Value: $25

The ultimate diet tool I created and use for all my clients and personal diet.

Nutrition Planner

Value: $120

Results Guaranteed





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Nutrition Planner


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How long should I follow my diet?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I follow a workout?

How can you get started?

You can follow the same diet for much longer (1-2 months) in terms of caloric intake, depending on your state. 

If you maintain the same weight in the beginning, you can stay on the same diet, but if you gain, or lose 5-10 pounds in the first few weeks, you should change it. 

1. Order one of the plan above.

2. Receive the confirmation email with the instructions.

3. Fill out the personal plan questionnaire linked in the instruction document and get started and then I'll send you your plan via email within 3-5 business days.

A top-notch diet, completely tailored to your goals.

Your diet will be clearly laid out, with all of the specific foods indicated for each meal. 

This will include all of the macronutrients for each meal and each food, calculated to the gram, so you get the best possible results.

Is it a one time payment?

You should change your workout every 3 weeks (5 weeks at the absolute max). 

The more experienced you are with working out, the more quickly you should be changing routines because your body will adapt to new workouts much faster than a beginner, and you won't see the results you anticipated. 

As an example, Marc changes his workout every 1 or 2 weeks because he's very advanced in his level of training. If you take a look at the of majority of Olympic athletes, they also change their workouts frequently. That’s why being a member of Team Fitt is very advantageous. You can change your workouts frequently due to the growing library of workout videos.

We actually wrote on an awesome article on how to change up your workout here! 

Yes it is! Unless you take the monthly update option at checkout.

What do I get with a workout plan?

What do I get with a personal diet?

The Workout is based on the number of days you can work out, and your specified goal. 

Included is a detailed image document with all of the exercises required to meet your goal. 

The number of repetitions, sets and the rest times for each exercise are also included.

All of the instructions required to explain the principle behind the workout, and also some great tips to reach results faster.