Thank you for joining me here! I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. Make sure to read the little paragraph below that I wrote just for you.
So, why should you pay attention to #TeamFitt?
First off, because I care about you. My goal is to give you the results you are looking for by sharing everything that I’ve learned the last 5 years to become one of the top fitness models in the world. All the mediums that I use to give you all that information is explained below on this page.
Secondly, I’ve been where you are — uncertain, in seek of getting results, and just wanting to know what to do. After all the trial and error, I found a way to be where I am today, and that’s exactly what I share with you through total transparency. There’s are no magic tricks, just effort and consistency through a tough regiment.
I only want to have people who really want to change in the Team Fitt community, we are all there for the same reason, to become the best version of ourselves. And that’s why Team Fitt is a fun place to be, and interact with people just like you. Sign up for free if you want to see how the Team Fitt Section works, but I recommend you jump in full throttle, because with just one step you can change your life.
Let me help you, and if you have any questions, shoot me an email. I’ll be back to you shortly.
Scroll down to find all the information about the Section, testimonials, and FAQs.
Best regards,
Marc Fitt

Welcome to Team Fitt

The place where you will find the inspiration to change your life, mentally and physically.


What you get by joining #TeamFitt

Tons of HD videos that will empower your progress

100+ videos of my personal workout

One of the most biggest highlights of Team Fitt is the access you get to watch all of my own personal workouts I did (and still do) in order to get the physique I have right now. No tricks, no magic formula, just pure hard work and dedication. I will never say that it is easy, but if you are willing to follow what I show you, I guarantee results.

Bonus: Each workout comes with a downloadable worksheet that you can access with just a click so you can easily keep track of your progress in the gym!

lift more series thumbnails

Full Workout Series

In addition to the already huge library of workouts available for Team Fitt, I’ve also created full workout series for you to follow, each with a specific goal in mind. So far we have:

Lift More Series – If you’re looking to make tremendous strength gains, this is what you’ve been looking for. Embrace the challenge, and be prepared to go beyond your wildest expectations.

Dragon Ball Series – Want to look like Goku from Dragon Ball Z? Get into this series and train like a true Saiyan with a classic 3-day split.

Gunz Development – The solution for lagging arms. Get ready to rock some serious pythons with some insane supersets.

LumberJacked Series – Team Fitt’s first dedicated cutting series. Fat doesn’t stand a chance.

#RoadTo185 – The ultimate program I used to reach 185 pounds, lean.


New* Marc Fitt’s Journal

Set yourself apart, follow your instincts, and everything will go the right way. 

The first post of its kind in #‎TeamFitt. The #‎RoadToBeastMode is ON, and I will share everything from my daily macros, supplements I use, my new workouts, daily affirmations, as well as personal goals and feelings too. Download an example of my journal entries here.

Day in my life

I love making videos about what I do on a day-to-day basis. 50+ Video blogs (or vlogs) show you exactly how I live and let me give you extra tips. These videos are the favorites of many members because I get to show the real me. Sometimes it may just be a video about something I experienced, or a daily update about my current workout program, but it’s always something I feel you will benefit from.

Cooking videos

Let me show you that you can eat healthy without sacrificing taste! That’s the purpose of every cooking video within Team Fitt. If you want to try awesome recipes I’ve made for myself that have brought me results, these videos will be a must for you. The Fitt Burger, homemade meatballs, healthy pizza, crepes, and so more are on the Fitt menu!

Motivational videos

The key to success is being able to show up every day, no matter how you feel. Motivation will play a huge role in your journey, and sometimes we need someone to guide us — and that’s what I’m here for. My goal with these videos is to make you think more, believe in yourself, and give you the tools to succeed not just in the gym, but in your life. These videos are the absolute favourites of over 80% of Team Fitt members, and I’m sure you will enjoy them too.

Behind the scene

Since I had a lot of request on how to become a fitness model, I decided to record from another angle when I’m recording videos, when I’m doing a photo shoot or whatever might help you acquire an extra experience in this career. We are a really innovative cinematic Team in the fitness industries, and I only wish you can better yourselves for your future projects.

Workout Previews


"That moment when you start to see your abs! Thank you Marc for all the tips and workouts!"

− Fernando, (Houston)

"I can see the results, your exercises help me every day. Before: 60 kg, now: 73 kg. "

− Álvaro Biforcos (Spain)

"Thanks a lot Marc, you helped me and I just wanna say thank you.I really like the Team Fitt section and your workout videos are awesome!I really enjoy the pain haha."

− Florian Rousseau (France)

"2nd week working out with Marc Fitt’s program, and I already feel a huge difference in my body and mentality! 3rd week and I’m in the absolute best shape I’ve ever been. "

− Pablo Moreno (Mexico)

"Marc Fitt, the new motivation video yeah! I have been watching you videos for a long time, and they inspire me when it comes to training. Thanks bro ☺ "

− Sergey Bulanov (Russia)

"Marc, just watched your Chest/Triceps “Giant Evolution” video, bro. It was raw inspiration! Thanks for the mental strength, brotha!"

− Ijaz Haniffa (Sri Lanka)

"Every morning I watch your videos for motivation, and find myself motivated all day. Thank you, Marc, for the amazing videos."

− Jakup Napierski (Poland)

"Seriously, Marc Fitt’s workout videos are awesome. I’m killing it in the gym because of this 23 year old."

− Tom Barrett (Thailand)

"I like how you show the fatigue, pain and not just every perfect rep. You’re human. Thank you!"

− Glen Mezoff (United States)

"Thanks to Marc Fitt for all the videos. You’re my inspiration, man! #TeamFitt #Workout #GymFlow"

− Luis Garcia (El Salvador)
cedric lamoureux“I had amazing results! I have lost my belly fat an toned my muscles as well. The personal workout plan service is amazing because it gives you all the tools you need to get in shape, taking your workouts to the next level while giving you a personal, gram per gram diet to keep your weight off. Now I know exactly what I have to do in order to get in shape eat healthy to get my six-pack! And now I\’m also a member of Team Fitt and benefits from all the new workouts, it\’s cool because I can always try something new. Thank you, Marc, you’re an inspiration and good guy for all you do.”-Cedric Lamoureux
dylan privet“After 7 months of hard working and hard diet, I’m happy to see this result. I’ll continue my hard transformation with Marc Fitt’s help. Thanks for coaching me Marc, for your workouts and motivational videos !”-Dylan Privet
Will tennyson“Hey Marc, I joined your website not too long ago because I wanted to make a change in my life. You gave me workouts to follow, as well as a meal plan; because of that, I have changed my life. You asked a while back for me to send you a progress picture with whatever happens.Here it is! Just wanted to say thanks a lot, and you changed my life. I’m going to continue to work and improve. (8 month transformation)”-William Tennyson

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Can I download the workouts to my computer and mobile device?

You’ll be able to conveniently download the PDF of Marc’s workouts on your computer or mobile device, so you can use it when you go to the gym!

How safe are the payments when purchasing a membership?

Of course, all of the payments are secured through PayPal and Stripe. Plus, we have an SSL Certificate Server by Comodo, and that means all of your information is encrypted and secured.

We take the privacy of our customers seriously, and always will!

How many new videos are added to the Team Fitt Section every month?

Within the last 6 months, Marc has added 2 to 6 videos every week.

That being said, we guarantee to upload at least one video per week so you will get at least 4 useful new videos every month.

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No! You can cancel your account any time you want.

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Is the Team Fitt Section available in my country?

Worldwide service!

Get access to the site no matter where you are in the world. It may sounds obvious, but we get that question a lot!

You just need an Internet connection or data plan for your mobile device.

What does ``recurring payment`` mean?

Recurring payment mean you will get charge every time your renewal membership is setup. In this case it can be every month, every three months or every year depending if you are a Silver or Gold Members.