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Customized Diet Plan

Let us take away the worry and stress about dieting by creating a completely customized diet plan thats tailored to your personal goals and nutritious needs. Every calorie and macronutrient will be accounted for and laid out for you.

With how precise this diet plan is you will no longer have to worry about counting your macros and making sure IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) because who wants to do that anyways . If you want the best results this diet plan is the way to go!

Nutrition Planner

The Nutrition Planner was custom designed by Marc Fitt, it’s a revolutionary tool that allows you to plan your own diet by allowing you to choose the foods that are most convenient and tasty to you. It’s the very tool Marc uses to create his own diet and even his clients diet plans. The Nutrition Planner allows you to calculate your caloric needs and set your macros with ease, thanks to the built in calorie calculator. Enter your height, weight, activity level,  select Cutting or Bulking, and enter your desired macro percentages and the Nutrition Planner will automatically transfer your amounts to the diet planner so you can begin building your diet.

(Built with Microsoft Excel, works on both PC and Mac)

Comprehensive Diet Guide

The Comprehensive Diet Guide provides step by step instructions on how to use and follow your custom diet plan and to top it off Marc has added ALL of his BEST tips and tricks on dieting, the very tricks/tips he learned while becoming the #1 fitness model in the WORLD!

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 One Time Customized Diet Plan

Nutrition Planner – Diet Tool

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Nutrition Planner – Diet Tool

 Comprehensive Diet Guide


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