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Thanks Marc your email is exactly what I needed to read tonight.

Danielle Bryan

I don't know of any fitness trainer who is as motivational as you and I want to say thank you Marc! You inspire me every day you post about your progress :)

Abiexel Hernandez

Dude, you are a true inspiration, God bless you

Suhail Thakur

This email came at the perfect time for me as I was just starting to lose my drive to go to the gym everyday after classes. Anyway I know you email this out to everyone who subscribes to you but if you do get to see this I'd just like to say thank you for everything your doing and keep it up.

Thanks again,

Shane McKinley

That article is so impressive and motivating. I like it so much! Thank you for your motivation with what you are doing. I wish you all the best, keep getting better and stronger :)
Yours sincerely,

Denisa Kam


I just want to thank you for how much of a inspiration you are to me. I hope one day you come to Australia or I meet you at a expo. You have not only helped me in my fitness you have also helped me gain confidence and respect for people in the fitness industry. I hope one day that I will be a fitness model like you. Better yet I will be a fitness model. Now that I've got everything in check, my workout routines (thanks to you) my diet (you again) and my priorities. I can now focus on being the best I can be and hopefully inspire other people. I have already changed 5-10 people's lives by introducing them to you because they where amazing by the results I have had in the last 6 months. I've started a Instagram page and have 3300 followers. Hopefully by the end of the year I will start a youtube page just like you.

Again I just want to thank you for how much of a inspiration you have been in my life.

Jye Cassidy

Hey marc, how you doing? I did what you told me to do.. the reasons why I started always pushed me up to go reach my goals. Today after 3 months of dieting I can see results!! You don't know how happy I am to see how it's working, my abs are starting to get life man ! haha, I want to thank you for the motivation and the e-mails I always read.. Thank you, you are the man.

Lucas Gaiva

Hi Marc,
Thanks for the email. I have not lost contact with the reason why I started. Not at all! I watch, I listen to, something that originates from you every day, be it a motivational video, a workout, or just a video. Plus, I get an email from you every week. I watched the 3 "Arnold Sports Festival" videos on YOU TUBE. You really had a fun time there. I watched as you and your friends did the Squats, Biceps, Back and Chest workouts in competition with one another. I felt your pain as you kept adding more weight after every 5 reps. Today, at the gym, I went a little heavier on my bicep curls ... when the burning began, I thought about you at the Arnold and I persevered. I did the routine with heavier weights and I overcame. I went "BEYOND MYSELF". I made it through because of you, Marc. Thanks ! This is making me stronger ... inspiration from Marc Fitt.

I'll look for you at the "Toronto Pro Fitness Show" this year. If we hook up, Matt tells me we can have some awesome photos taken together. I would love to have a photo taken with you, Marc. Remember though, I am 65 years old. I have a long way to go before my abs come out of their case.

All the best, Marc, to you and to The Team Fitt ! Let's keep on pumping !

P.S. I also enjoyed the last podcast with Marc Anthony Santoro, Windsor's Karate Kid. Interesting stuff !

Nick Lafratta

Thank you Marc !!! believe me: you have change my life !!
People like you is necessary in this world to make a real change !
I admire you ! i follow you every day.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your discipline and your strenght!

Today I live my life motivated about my workout, my routine. I feel renovated, positive and I go to the gym and everything with real passion.

Again thanks a lot !!


Thank you so much buddy, by the way you boosted me to keep my inspiration and motivation with me! I use all this good stuff you mail me not just in the fitness way, in my personal life too. I love singing and that's a great support for me!

God blesses you brother, gretings from Colombia/Cartagena

Giovanni López Cuadrado

Hey Marc,
I've watched your videos and your progress for a couple of months now. The motivation you have is amazing. I am aspiring to become a personal trainer! I've been training in martial arts for about 15 years and started weight training for 4 years :) I've helped my family members and friends so far. My goals are either to become a personal trainer by day and an MMA fighter by night. As i watch you motivate so many people i am trying to Motivate as many people as I can aswell : ) Keep doing what you're doing and never give up :D

Best Wishes.

Alexander Doan

First of all i would like to thanks a tonne marc for the beautiful motivational mail, i needed it not only for the purpose of staying fit but also for my carrier development phase m going through. Absolutely control on mind is very important for accomplishment of any task. Waiting eagerly for your next mails.
Thanks once again.

Nitish Vajpayee

Hey i just want to thank you for sending these emails! I always get that extra motivation when i read them! Keep on going and never stop! Your fans will always be there to support you! Hope you read this and thank you again for everything. Your big fan ,


Hi Marc,
thanks for the tips, very helpful, also I like your videos for training outside, I use to go to the gym and also being outside so combining these two is perfect.

Thank's and have nice week


Hey Marc,
thank you very much for the free guide. Although I have read it three times I note each time that it motivates me again. Your comments on the facebook are also cool.
I appreciate your amazing enthusiasm for fitness, insertion for others and your attitute to life in generall.

In your guide you also mention the importance for focussing on a one goal. This is very essential tip. In this i have found myself again and I know it very well from my personal experiance. I can confirm that it will otherwise leads to confusion and man becomes a ruin builder, loosing the motivation and enthusiasm in generall.

Regards from Berlin,

Branko Pavkovic

Hi marc :D I just want to thank you for this free guide. You always keep me motivate. And you are are awesome!
Greetings from Germany :D<3

Marcel Ziegler