Personal Training Programs Transformation

Cedric lamoureux

“I had amazing results! I have lost my belly fat an toned my muscles as well. The personal workout plan service is amazing because it gives you all the tools you need to get in shape, taking your workouts to the next level while giving you a personal, gram per gram diet to keep your weight off. Now I know exactly what I have to do in order to get in shape eat healthy to get my six-pack! And now I’m also a member of Team Fitt and benefits from all the new workouts, it’s cool because I can always try something new. Thank you, Marc, you’re an inspiration and good guy for all you do.”

-Cedric Lamoureux from Canada

Lorris Matgé -3

“Thank you for the program Marc, I did your the personal workout, diet and supreme abs workout combine with a football training for the last two months and had amazing results. Thank you for your advices, it’s awesome to see the progression and to have other people asking for help. Thanks to you and have an excellent continuation.”

-Lorris Matgé from France


“I always lacked motivation, thought it was never important to eat right, or train right. My form was terrible and the coaches were never there to help. After going on youtube to get some motivation, I found Marc with an extra-ordinary body. So I thought i’d go visit his website, with amazing motivational videos and workout videos I knew I had to join Team Fitt, and that’s something i’ll never regret. And as a soccer player who’s only 17 years old, the power and speed I now have is unbelievable. It feels good to be fit. So thank you for everything Marc.” 

-Mohamed Mansour from United States

manuel krippner

“I had a great body transformation with Marc Fitt’s training plan. I started with one plan and had amazing results, so I decided to order a second plan because I wanted more. His programs are perfect for all body types. I used a cutting plan and defined my body, and I feel great! In a short time came the changes. The workouts sculpt every muscle area. I will continue to use them! Best regards from Austria / Vienna.”

– Manuel Krippner from Austria.

Team Fitt Section Transformation

Julian Wagner

“I just wanted to send you a picture of my 1 year transformation, since I used your videos inside the Team Fitt section to create my diet and my exercise plan. Thanks Thanks Thanks for your help and your motivation!”

-Julian Wagner from Germany

Will tennyson

“Hey Marc, I joined your website not too long ago because I wanted to make a change in my life. You gave me workouts to follow, as well as a meal plan; because of that, I have changed my life. You asked a while back for me to send you a progress picture with whatever happens.Here it is! Just wanted to say thanks a lot, and you changed my life. I’m going to continue to work and improve. (8 month transformation)”

-William Tennyson from Canada

adam holt

“Hey Marc!, my name is Adam Holt and I felt like sharing my transformation with you! I joined Team Fitt about 8 months ago. I was about 112 pounds, the typical “skinny-fat” guy. I used to run a lot thinking that I’d look great with some abs, while at the same time my diet was horrible! One day I was searching on Youtube for some ab workouts and I came across your channel. I checked out your website and after a week of researching and watching your videos, I joined Team Fitt! Best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve attached a picture of my transformation along with some extras. I am 5’6, at 138 pounds now. My body fat percentage is 9%, and I am 18 years old. I just want all the skinny guys to know that it is possible to gain mass while having a high metabolism. I want to stand as an example. Gained around 27 pounds of lean mass in 8 months. Thanks again for reading!”

-Adam Holt from United States

dylan privet

“After 7 months of hard working and hard diet, I’m happy to see this result. I’ll continue my hard transformation with Marc Fitt’s help. Thanks for coaching me Marc, for your workouts and motivational videos !”

-Dylan Privet


“About a 1 1/2 years ago my bestfriend nana and niece all passed away in the same month I became very depressed and ate horrible and didn\’t workout for 11 months then I saw Marc on instagram and saw someone my age with so much dedication and motivation it inspired me to get up and change my life and became something more to help others and really make a change Marc is a very good guy always there to respond back shows great step by step videos and really cares and I will soon try and give back and do to others what he has done for me ).” 

-Thomas Dominguez

“Hey Marc, im a big fan of you, you inspired me so much, i started to follow all your workouts Videos, and this is it, 4 months of hard workout, get this :D  keep strong Marc!!”

-Pedro Henriques Message

“At first I turned to fitness to achieve a better body, but I was really having a hard time. When I found your videos and pictures, you really inspired me. Thanks to you, I now have the motivation to give every workout everything I have. For this, a big thanks from me, and I will be sure to recommend that everyone join the Marc Fitt team.”

– Robin Wulf

“This is my all natural transformation. I start training in April 2010, but just take it serious at September 2011 with hard work-out and a serious heathy diet. Just want you to know that I really appreciate your work and I\’m following your videos and your advices. I hope I can be so shredded as you one day. Thank\’s a lot for your words! It really get me more and more motivated! “