Why Deadlift?

By May 28, 2013 December 18th, 2015 articles, Videos

This week we’ll be talking about a fundamental exercise when training; the deadlift. Now, the deadlift has a bad rap. Whenever people mention the deadlift, they associate it with risk of injury, and danger. Really, this isn’t the case. The deadlift may be a tougher exercise to master, but when you have the form down, it’s much lower risk, and more beneficial than most exercises. The deadlift is not only simple, but it’s an exercise that can work your entire body with only one natural movement.


First of all, when you think of performing and exercise, for many people who don’t go to a gym and train from home, minimal equipment is important. The deadlift is perfect for anyone with minimal equipment. All you need is weight. Once you have the weight, you need to learn the proper form, and you’re good to go. It’s one of the most simple, yet extremely beneficial exercises you can do from home with almost no equipment.

Even in a gym, the deadlift is one of the best exercises you can do. It works multiple muscles, from the legs to the back, to the arms, and many more secondary muscles. It’ll honestly help every muscle in your body grow in size, and in strength. Not only does it work every muscle, but it also helps your core. Your abs and lower back will become much stronger, as your body needs to remain stabilized when performing the deadlift. Not only will your lower back benefit from the deadlift, but your upper back will be noticeably widened!

This also helps in everyday life. Having a stronger core from keeping your back totally straight when performing deadlifts will actually result in you having a better posture in daily life. Everything you do, your efficiency and form when performing the movement will be improved. It’ll be way better than normal people who don’t have strong cores. They’ll end up with problems later in life because of their bad posture even though they’re the ones telling you you’ll have problems with posture because you do deadlifts.

When it comes to safety, everyone always says deadlifts are the worst. In reality they aren’t that bad. Once you have the form down, and aren’t too ambitious with your weights, they’re actually one of the safest exercises. The risk of injury is low, even when you’re doing them alone because you don’t really need a spotter. As long as your form is good, you’re safe. Really that applies to all exercises.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid of the deadlift. It’ll do your body wonders and unlike most exercises, it’s a fundamental movement. This means it’s something you’ll use in everyday life, like the squat or the press. Whether you want to train for functionality, or results, the deadlift is an incredible exercise to incorporate into your routines.