Biceps & Triceps WAR!!!!

By December 27, 2011 December 18th, 2015 Arms, Videos, Workouts, Written workouts

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45sec to 1min rest between each set !! not more!


1-Barbell curls SS INcline Bench Eazy curl bar (arms with no support) 10/10 x4

2-Seated One arm DB curls SS Standing Hammer curls 10/10 x4

3-Guillotine curls SS Pulley High curl 15/15 x4

4- Floor eazy curls bar (wide gripp) SS rope curl SS arnold curl 20/20/20 x3


1- triceps pressdown SS Reverse Pressdown 10/10 x4

2- triangle pressdown SS one arm extension 10/15 x4

3- close grip press SS body flank 15/max x4

4- rope extension SS rope extension south to north SS Pulley Kickback 20/20/20 x3