Fitt Talk Ep.06 – Getting Leaner, Faster

By February 26, 2014 December 14th, 2016 Podcast

Welcome to the sixth episode of The Fitt 30, where we discuss a particularly popular topic among, well, pretty much everybody! Being that the summer is only a few months away, everyone’s looking for the best way to start leaning out. Tune in right now to find out Marc and Matt’s take on how to start getting shredded for summer!

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 Items Mentioned In This Podcast

    • A fan Q&A taken directly from Instagram – find out the hardest workouts Marc and Matt have done to date, and what injuries have incurred!
    • A big milestone for The Fitt 30!
    • When to know it’s time to begin a cutting phase
    • An in-depth session about the best way to drop body fat
    • What methods to use
    • How to begin the process (calculating your daily caloric needs with the Harris-Benedict Formula)
    • When to best take each food source (protein, carbs, fat, etc.)
    • How to begin the process (calculating your daily caloric needs with the Harris-Benedict Formula)
    • How to structure your workouts and supplementation use
    • Cardio types, and a different method of training
    • Harris-Benedict Formula to calculate your BMR:

Men – BMR =66.47+ (13.75 x W) + (5.0 x H) – (6.75 x A)
Women – BMR =665.09 + (9.56 x W) + (1.84 x H) – (4.67 x A)
W = weight in kilograms
H = height in centimeters
A = age
Then multiplicate by your activity level:
1.2= Sedentary (little activity, desk job)
1.3-1.4= Light exercise (3-4 days/week )
1.55-1.6=Moderate exercise (3-5 days/week, 60 minutes/session)
1.725= Active (6-7 days/week 60-90 min/session)
1.9= Extremely active individuals such as, heavy manual labor workers,
endurance/athletes on competitive sports teams.

Then you decide if you want to add or reduce your caloric intake depending on your goal.


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