The Fitt 30: Episode 08 – Falsified Fitness

By March 12, 2014 December 18th, 2015 Podcast

Welcome to episode 8 of The Fitt 30! Today we debunk the top 10 fitness myths that we hear most often! It’s time to clear up some of the most common misconceptions in the fitness world — everything from the classic “carbs are evil,” to “machines are for toning, free weights are for getting big”. Stay tuned!

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 Items Mentioned In This Podcast

  • Fan questions!
  1. What’s Marc’s split like lately?
  2. Will Marc be attending FIBO?
  • Top 10 fitness myths, debunked!
  1. When bulking, you can eat anything. After all, you’re trying to gain weight!
  2. If you work your abs, your diet is less important.
  3. Carbs are EVIL.
  4. Time spent in the gym. More is better, right?
  5. Women who lift weights will get huge.
  6. Training to failure is the only way to grow your muscle.
  7.  Machines are for toning, free weights are for getting big.
  8. Your weight is the only real indication of how far you’ve come.
  9. If you’re not taking supplements, you’re wasting your time.
  10. After a certain age, it’s useless to try and get in shape.
  • The worst training advice we’ve ever been given.


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