The Fitt 30: Episode 12 – FIBO Recap, Future Expos & More Plans

By April 9, 2014 December 18th, 2015 Podcast

Welcome to episode 12 of The Fitt 30! Today we take on handful of fan questions, and go over Marc’s time at FIBO over in Germany. We’ll also cover more fitness expos that are coming in the future, and hint at some future projects that we’ve got planned for you all! 

 Items Mentioned In This Podcast

  • Fan questions:
  1. Someone needing advice!
  2. How to lose fat!
  3. Dealing with overtraining!
  4. Shaping your abs!
  5. What do you listen to?
  6. What’s your secret?
  • Overview of FIBO 2014
  • BodyPower and Toronto Pro SuperShow news
  • More projects on the way


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An article we’ve written on overtraining and habits!

Episode 6 – Get learner, Faster:

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