The Fitt 30: Episode 13 – At Your Service

By April 16, 2014 December 18th, 2015 Podcast

Time for episode 13 of The Fitt 30! This week we discuss one of our favourite services we created to help you guys out — the Fitt Help Desk! Tune in  to hear about our online knowledge base, and to answer some fan questions! 

 Items Mentioned In This Podcast

  • Fan questions:
  1. Cooking video news!
  2. Opinion on intermittent fasting!
  3. What about coffee?
  4. Marc’s tattoo!
  5. Lower back development!
  6. Get better traps!
  • Effort put into the Fitt Help Desk
  • What the Help Desk is
  • How to use it
  • Why it’s useful for you

Give the Fitt Help Desk a try


Marc’s Twitter

Matt’s Twitter 

An article we’ve written on coffee consumption!

An Instagram picture Marc made about his tattoo!

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