Fitt Talk: Episode 37 – Never Stop Progressing

By July 23, 2014 January 31st, 2016 Podcast


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Almost everyone who’s ever worked out for more than a couple of weeks knows the dreaded plateau effect. That phenomenon when your gains have stopped, your workouts are no longer enjoyable, and you’re just not getting the same satisfaction out of them like you used to.

The crazy thing is, this can be helped. Pretty easily, actually.

Tune in to this episode of Fitt Talk and find out what you can do to make sure you Never Stop Progressing!

 Items Mentioned In This Podcast

  • Fan question: should you follow the same workouts for a month or more/less?
  • Techniques you can use to keep progressing and never plateau
  • When it’s best to change your workouts, and when you should keep the same ones


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The Lift More Series!

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