Fitt Talk: Episode 38 – Too Many Sets?

By July 30, 2014 January 27th, 2016 Podcast

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Welcome to episode 38 of Fitt Talk! In this episode, we delve into what the ideal volume for your workouts should be. With only having a finite amount of time you should be in the gym, that must mean there’s a go-to number of sets you should be completing, right?

Tune in now and hear what Marc and Matt have to say!

  • Our new sponsor!
  • Fan question: how many sets should you do in a workout?
  • Amount of sets to do based on specific goals (cutting, bulking, strength training)
  • Proper rest times for goals
  • Why it’s better to count TUT (time under tension) vs. reps


Marc’s strength training/hypertrophy program, the Lift More Series!

His cutting program, the LumberJacked Series!

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