Give your 100%

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Guys, when you put yourself out there — when you’re working on a project, or just giving another rep in the gym, or, even just washing the dishes — give it your one hundred percent. You will always get more out of your endeavour by giving it your all, the entire time. You have no idea how much opportunity for success you’re robbing yourself of when you only give it your eighty, or ninety percent. You will achieve more when you prove that you can be more. We’ve been thinking lately about the way we present videos and all content lately here at With that being said, we’ve decided to change things up. Because we always want to give the best we can for you guys, so you can give the best you can to the world. Stay tuned, because the Lift More series is coming. It will be crazy. It will be hard. And it will change the way you work out, but it will take you further.

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