Day 3: Back & Triceps Size up!!

By October 20, 2011 December 18th, 2015 Back, Triceps, Videos, Workouts

Day 4 Back& triceps


1- Warm-up   2min rest x 2sets

a)      Negative weighted chin-upx 10

b)      Negative Pull-up x10

c)       V-bar lat pull down 10 each side

2-      (3/4 all set)   2min restx 3 sets

a)      v-bar barbell ¾ rowsx 10

b)      ¾ barbell rowsx10

c)       One arm rows x10 each side

3-  (Middle Up)  Mid 3 2min restx 3 sets

a)      v-bar mid-rows x10

b)     Hammer Strength rowsx10

c)       Supination mid-rows x10

4-  (Strenght On) 2min rest x3 sets

a)      Dead lift x10

b)      Back fly x15

c)       Cable high to low, body side fly x20



1-  Skull to the limite 2min rest x4 sets

a)      Skull crusher x10

b)      close grip press  x10

2- Reverse Exset (2min rest x3 sets

a)      Reverse straight bar extension x10

b)       reverse alternating pulley down  x10 x3

3- Triangle War  (2min rest x3 sets)

a)      Triangle extension x10

b)      rope south to north x10

c)       rope north to south extension x10

4- (Final Round)2min rest x 3 sets

a)      straight bar over the head x10

b) Triceps Dips xMaxxxx OUTTTTT!!!!

b)      one arm pulley Kick back X 10 of each arm

Pic of my back 3 months ago!! At toronto!! I’m gonna take a shot with the same position Soon To compare my back Size!!