HIIT Cardio

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With summer on its way, there are a lot of people trying to get into shape. Often, people are trying to achieve the beach body they desire. This means usually having to spend a lot of time in the gym doing the ever so hated; CARDIO! It’s long, and boring. Often, people don’t achieve their goals because they just can’t keep up the motivation to do cardio, because it’s just too bland. Doing HIIT can have the same, if not better results, and takes a lot less time. This article’s goal is to educate you about HIIT, and show you it’s advantages, so you can burn some quick calories.

First off, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval training. It means you work very hard for a short amount of time, and then you get a small recovery period. It’s kind of like bursts of hard work. For example, you sprint for 30 seconds, and get 1 minute to walk, and recover. For the best results you repeat the process over, and over, for around 7 times.

marc fitt six packAs you can probably already tell, the first major advantage is the amount of time it takes. You can be done a HIIT workout extremely quickly, often in around 10-15 minutes. You can do it a few times a week, and see the same results, if not better than doing lengthy 35-45 minute cardio sessions. This will help you remain motivated, because it wont take you too much time, which in turn will allow you to continue towards your goal without interruption.

HIIT actually, because of its short duration and high intensity, burns more calories than cardio. The main reason it does is because your body has a much more demanding repair process after such intense work. This means if you do your HIIT in the morning, throughout the day your metabolism will be increased. Your body will still be burning calories to try and repair itself to recover from the morning workout. This will allow you to shed fat more quickly, and see better results in less time!

What’s also awesome about HIIT is its functionality. When you think about it, other than going for a jog, doing cardio is pretty useless to you. HIIT uses an anaerobic type of cardio, which is what’s useful in stop and start situations. For example, if you’re playing a sport like American football where the play frequently stops and starts, the HIIT you’ve been doing will really kick in and allow you to keep going whereas the cardio wouldn’t. It’s also super easy to do. You can do HIIT with lunges, push-ups, sprints, and many other possibilities. The beauty of that is; it requires no equipment! You won’t need to buy anything, and you wont need a special facility to do it in either, which means you wont pay anything! You just need an open space.

You have no excuses to not lose your weight with HIIT. It requires nothing, and takes barely any time out of your day. Everyone has 15 minutes to go to a field and improve their health. Hey, you can even do push-up HIIT in your living room. Not only are those some great advantages, but also the challenge of High Intensity Interval Training is great, and when you finish, you’ll truly feel like you accomplished something.

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