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Many people ask just how essential a diet is when trying to lose/gain weight. Our answer to them always is; it’s the most important element. People assume by training their abs more frequently, they will start to come through, when really, 85% of your abs are made in the kitchen. In order to lose the fat, or gain the muscle mass, your diet must be perfect. It has to have all of the elements your body needs, so you can successfully accomplish your goal.


The key to having a diet plan is preparation. Most people’s excuse is a lack of time. If your plan is completely laid out, all the way down to portion size, you will have a much easier time. This will allow you to prepare all of your meals for the week on one day, so all you have to do is grab it and go. The change in results you see will be noticeable, and worth the extra work. You don’t grow in the gym, you grow with what you give your body after the gym. The repair is what allows you to grow.


In order for you to see adequate results, your muscles must be receiving the right nutrients, at the right times, in the right quantities. This will allow them to perform properly, and allow them to grow. For example, you need more protein, carbs, and calories than any normal people, because f the hard work you’re doing in the gym. If you’re looking to gain weight, you have to up all of those even more, so your muscles have enough to add mass. If you want to lose, you cut down your calories by 500, and within a few weeks, you will be seeing a loss in fat.

Also, for example, if you’re trying to cut, not ingesting carbs 2-3 hours before bed (if you’ve already trained already) will make a big difference. It is unnecessary energy, that you won’t need when you’re sleeping.

A perfect way to organize, and create your own diet while learning about what works, is a nutrition planner. Marc’s nutrition planner allows you to plan everything out, all the macronutrients, while still being able to choose your foods. You can use the calorie counter to choose your goal, and have the exact amount of calories you need to achieve your goal. This tool will also educate you when it comes to what foods are good, and what range you should be in depending on your goal. It’ll also save money, because you’ll be able to make multiple personal diets for a lot cheaper than buying one.

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