Importance of Tracking Results

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This week we’ll focus on the importance of tracking results. This could mean anything from writing down your weight month after month, or taking progress pictures every so often so you could see how you’ve transformed your body. Knowing how you’ve progressed is more important than you’d think.

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Having a photo, or something like weight written down from the past, or even a goal weight can make a huge difference. It’ll help your focus so much; like nothing else. When you’re feeling off, or like you don’t want to go to the gym, or eat that last meal, looking at where you were or where you want to be in a picture or on paper can get you right back on track. It’ll allow you to focus on what’s important and keep sight of your goals, and reasons for wanting to achieve them.


Not only will seeing a large drop, or clean gain in lean muscle mass satisfy you, but it’ll push you to train harder. The feeling of accomplishment is one that can’t be replaced, and one that can’t be replicated without greater accomplishment. To get the feeling again, you’ll want to accomplish an even greater goal of yours, which will making working harder seem much easier and worth the struggle.

Some people need extrinsic motivation to keep them going, and some can rely solely on intrinsic motivation. Essentially, seeing a picture of yourself three months ago with no abs and muscle definition next to one today with abs due to your hard work can provide both types. Extrinsic because you’re looking in on what you’ve done, and are seeing that it really is 100% achievable and goals are reachable, and intrinsic because you know in your head that you’re the only one who did this. You’re the one who worked so hard in the gym and ate well in the kitchen. It will keep you going, and give you extra power no matter what kind of motivation you rely on.


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Working out and dieting can be very hard, and when something is hard it’s sure you’ll run into some hardships and problems. When you have nothing to look back on and say you achieved, like a progress photo, you’re more likely to focus on those failures than all you’ve achieved. When you do, you may give up completely. If you can look back and say, “this might be hard, but I’ve done that so now I can do this” when you look at a picture of yourself, it’s guaranteed to put yourself right back on track towards success.




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