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Despite people generally wanting to pick up training in the spring to prepare their body for summer, summer itself is actually a great time to start training. This doesn’t necessarily mean in a gym either, it’s also the best time to start alternative style training outside. In this article we’ll explore the advantages of signing up for a gym in the summer, and even the different possibilities when it comes to outdoor workouts in the beautiful weather.


If you didn’t find the motivation you needed to start working out in the spring, don’t get down on yourself; it isn’t too late. The summer is an amazing time to sign up to the gym. With the beautiful weather outdoors, the gym crowd tends to begin to shrink. People often begin to train less, as they want to enjoy the beautiful weather, or perhaps they throw in some different outdoor workouts to get the best of both worlds. What this means for someone who wants to start training at a gym is space. Instead of signing up to a crowded, possibly intimidating if you’re someone who worries about looking inexperienced gym, you’ll get a vacant, empty gym to learn and progress in.

Not only will more machines be available, but you’ll be able to focus solely on your workouts and not others. This way, when the crowds return, you’ll already be in your routine and have no trouble maintaining motivation.


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If you aren’t someone who wants to workout in a gym, or possibly someone who already des but wants to take advantage of the beautiful weather without compromising gym time, there are many outdoor alternatives. If you’re looking for an actual workout, you can go outside to a park, and do a crossfit style workout using whatever structure is in the park. This can also be super fun, coming up with creative ideas for workouts or abs circuits and getting a great sweat on in the hot weather.

Not only can you do workouts like that, but don’t forget HIIT and cardio. It’s amazing to go to a field and do sprints in the hot weather. It’ll be extremely demanding, you will sweat a ton more than normal, and ultimately burn fat more quickly. It’s just really important to maintain hydration (drink a lot of water). There are tons of variations of HIIT or cardio you can be creative with and do outside with no equipment.

If you aren’t someone who likes doing solo things like sprints, gather a group of friends and go play soccer, football, Frisbee, or any sport you love! It’s just as good, and can definitely be qualified as a workout with the right level of intensity.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 6.32.44 PMEnjoy the weather, and be creative with your workouts! If you go outside and do any creative workouts, Tweet @Marc_Fitt what you did and how it went. We’re definitely interested to hear where you decide to go with them.

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