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Some people don’t believe in destiny. Some people believe destiny is something that can’t be controlled; it’s something pre-planned, and something you’ll inevitably reach regardless of the path you take to get there. We believe in neither. To us, destiny exists, but we believe it’s something you control. You can decide your destiny, because if you put enough work into getting where you dream of, anything is possible.


The key to achieving your dream, no matter how hard it may seem to achieve, is being able to picture yourself there. If you want to be a fitness model, can you picture yourself in front of the camera, in the best shape of your life? Can you picture yourself succeeding, but being willing to make all the sacrifices necessary to do so? Giving up your favorite foods, partying, drinking, time with friends… That’s the first step towards making a dream a reality. If you can picture yourself somewhere, it’s extremely realistic and achievable. This also works on the flipside, if you imagine yourself finishing college, getting an average job, sitting behind a desk everyday and think, “I’ll never be happy in that life,” then you need to step up and take risks. If you can already imagine how unhappy you’ll be, you don’t even want to take steps towards going there.

It’s funny, cause people don’t believe anything society doesn’t deem normal, or acceptable is possible. The idea of chasing the dream of being a musician, actor, or fitness model as a few examples are absolutely outrageous to society, therefore, kids growing up thinking it isn’t achievable, because that’s what they’ve been drilled to believe. To normal people, those people are special. They must’ve got lucky, or had a special connection that got them to where they are. Truth is, if you study them, whether it be Will Smith, or Eminem, they had a vision. They had a vision to be the person they are today, and they wouldn’t rest until they got there. It’s as simple as that.







If you envision something, don’t procrastinate. Don’t say, “Oh, I’ll go to college next year.” No, go to college NOW. If you think college is useless and have a burning desire to do something else, don’t finish just because, don’t waste time, get out now! If you can envision it, it can happen. It especially will work if nobody else is involved. You can’t control what others think, or what others do. Other people will do some bad things to you, and hurt you, but unfortunately, you can’t do anything to reverse those because that’s the choice of the other people. The best thing you can do, is follow whatever your vision is, and spite them with success and genuine happiness.