Article on Other’s Opinions

By September 11, 2013 December 18th, 2015 articles, Videos

As everyone knows, following a dream that may not be something society accepts as normal isn’t easy. Whether it be fitness, music, acting, or any other kind of abnormal profession, other people are often the reason you’re afraid/hesitant to pursue it. Since it’s a risk, and they haven’t personally witnessed anyone making it, they don’t believe it’s possible. When they look at the people who have made it, they assume they got in the easy way, or through someone else. In reality, the solution is hard work. That’s why you shouldn’t necessarily listen to those people.


Even as a little kid, other people’s opinions have a huge impact on your life. You’re always wondering how others perceive you, and what they think or maybe even say about you when you aren’t around. Though it’s completely normal, it’s an unnecessary waste of time. As you grow, and get older, usually after high school, you realize people’s opinions don’t really matter. Certain people experience that little epiphany more intensely than others, and take it too far. These people usually overdo it, and change their personality completely for the worse. Most tend to realize, and it improves their quality of life, but not enough to actually go for what they dream of.

Self-confidence and self-esteem are some of the most difficult things to achieve amongst adolescents, and young adults. One of the keys to that is not caring what others think of you. It’s true freedom when you don’t care about others. When you live for yourself, BE yourself, and put your personal happiness before everything else, your quality of life will improve drastically. Those are the keys to legitimate self-esteem and self-confidence. You can’t fake that, when you believe in yourself, people will feel it and positive things will be attracted to you, but if you don’t believe in who you’re trying to be, and it’s an act, people can see it.

When you believe in yourself, the next step is finding your passion. No matter how outrageous it seems, or how hard it may be to achieve in your mind, you have to go for it. Time is the most valuable resource; so don’t sit around waiting for when the time is right, start working on it now. If you’re insecure about it, don’t tell anyone. Dedicate time everyday to working on whatever it is, and when you feel the time is right, open up about it. If you believe in it, it’s a guarantee people will admire you for what you do. Not many people out there can believe enough in themselves to go for what they dream of.  So, forget about others. There will always be people who hate on what you do, so why not go for what you’re in love with? You need to take whatever those dreams are in your head, and change them from dreams; into goals. That’s when they become achievable.


If I didn’t believe in myself, and didn’t start what I do, millions of people would have never seen this video. Already more than 4.7 million views!

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