Top 5 Foods for Good Carbs

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This week we’ll give you a list of the foods where you can get the best, and healthiest carbs out of. First, we’ll start by saying; carbs are NOT bad! Many people think that to cut, you have to completely cut out carbs… but this is not the case. It’s not just about the quantity, but in the quality of the carbs. There are good and bad carbs. The following 5 are suggestions for foods that’ll provide you with a lot of good carbs.


You can almost say a staple in the diet of anyone following a diet. Oats are great for breakfast, but also for snacks throughout the day. Not only are the carbs great, but also there really isn’t much negative in them at all. In about half a cup of oats, you get 27g of clean carbs. Marc eats oats whether he is cutting, or bulking. It’s an all around great food.



Rice is another great source of carbs. It’s also extremely easy to prepare, and goes well with any meal. You can eat either brown, or Basmati rice, though depending on your goals; you may want to look into the nutrition facts of each. You’ll be able to tell which one benefits you most. It makes an awesome side when eating chicken, and green vegetables. It’s a complete meal; one Marc turns to on the daily.


Green Vegetables (Vegetables in General)

Vegetables are a very good source of clean carbohydrates. A lot of them are loaded with carbs, as well as many other super beneficial nutrients. Some even contain a lot of fibers. It actually is really good to eat some vegetables everyday (especially green) because they benefit your body overall, and they are truly healthy.Green-vegetables

Beans and Legumes

Instead of going the potatoes route, which is often found to be a factor behind weight gain in certain studies, choose beans. They’re also slowly digested, but are much cleaner and found to not promote any weight gain at all. Not only that, but often beans also have a super high amount of protein.



Fruits, believe it or not, are also a super good source of carbs. One of the best is bananas. Bananas are also loaded up with things like potassium, and even calcium for helping your bones. Not only bananas are good though, all fruits are great. Many of them are also awesome sources of vitamin c.


In conclusion, those are just some ideas for good foods you could incorporate into your diet in order to get clean carbs, that’ll ensure you, stay lean. Whatever you do, don’t cut them out to completely in your diet. They will help to have energy when you workout, your brain function, boost your mood, and they’re good for your heart, fat loss, help to keep your memory sharp and have many more benefits. Like I said, focus on the quality.

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