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I created this page so you can download my diet but also access all the good tools I created for you in terms of dieting.

You can download my diet below and the only thing you have to do is to enter your name and email. I’ll send you my diet right away, directly to your email.


After 3 years of doing all the personal diet of my clients manually in Word and with my calculator I decided to do something about it because I wasn’t able to deliver the plans as fast as I wanted to and also not as structured as I wanted them to be.

That’s how the “Nutrtion Planner” came to live. You can find it here:

Wait! You got the diet but I have so many more timbits of information for you!

Here’s all the useful content I created for you, I highly recommend you to consume it right now.

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Articles On importance of dieting:

If you have any further question, just comment below this article or my YouTube video “Full Day of eating with Marc Fitt”