Extend triceps workout!

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1min30 rest between each set, 3 sets per exercices.   1-close grip bench press (10)/ close grip push-up on DB(15)/ Reverse close grip press (10)x3           2-Skull crusher(10)/standing hammer bar extension(10)/behind the neck reverse gripp extension(straight bar)10 x3 3-triangle extension(10)/rope south to north(10)/rope north to south(10) x3 4-On pulley: straight bar extension(10)/reverse straight bar extension(10)/alternating one hand down(10/10) x3 5-Pulley Doors extension(20)/ pulley kick back (20) x3 6-(Decline(straight bar) skull crusher/ close gripp decline press/ body flank maxx out ) x3  

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Day 3: Back & Triceps Size up!!

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Day 4 Back& triceps Back 1- Warm-up   2min rest x 2sets a)      Negative weighted chin-upx 10 b)      Negative Pull-up x10 c)       V-bar lat pull down 10 each side 2-      (3/4 all set)   2min restx 3 sets a)      v-bar barbell ¾ rowsx 10 b)      ¾ barbell rowsx10 c)       One arm rows x10 each side 3-  (Middle Up)  Mid 3 2min restx 3 sets a)      v-bar mid-rows x10 b)     Hammer Strength rowsx10 c)       Supination mid-rows x10 4-  (Strenght On) 2min rest x3 sets a)      Dead lift x10 b)      Back fly x15 c)       Cable high to low, body side fly x20   Triceps 1-  Skull to the limite 2min rest x4 sets a)      Skull crusher x10 b)      close grip press  x10 2- Reverse Exset (2min rest x3 sets a)      Reverse straight bar extension x10 b)       reverse alternating pulley down  x10 x3 3- Triangle War  (2min rest x3 sets) a)      Triangle extension x10 b)      rope south to north x10 c)       rope north to south extension x10 4- (Final Round)2min rest x 3 sets a)      straight bar over the head x10 b) Triceps Dips xMaxxxx OUTTTTT!!!! b)      one arm pulley Kick back X 10 of each arm Pic of my back 3…

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Day 2: Legs Size up !!!

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Legs Size Up Workout:   2min rest between each set 1-Legs extension 4×8 2-Barbell Squats 4×8 3-Leg Press 4×8 4-Legs Curls 4×8 5- Dead Lift (straight legs) 4 x8 6- Different Legs Press 4×8 7- Seated calf raises 4×8 8- Standing one legs calf raises 4x  Maxx Out !!!! Enjoy the Legs Workout :) and Like my facebook Page :    

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Chest & Biceps Size up

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Day 1 of my new routine workout: Chest & biceps size up 1- Incline dumbbell press (4-6-8-10)repsx4 sets 2- Flat dumbbell press (6-8-10)x 3 sets 3-Decline bench press (6-8-10)x3 sets 4-Pulley Punch: (5x high, 5x mid chest, 5x low chest SS 20x mid pulley fly)x3   Biceps 1-Barbell biceps curls 10x4 2-Dumbbell curls SS Dumbbell hammer curls 10/10x3 3-Ez bar close grip pulley...
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Apocalypse Chest Workout!

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  [audio:|titles=P.O.D. – Alive] In this chest workout, you won’t just have to push yourself to complete it, you’ll have to push yourself to survive it. 1. Incline dumbbell press – 4 x 10 2. Flat bench press – 3 x 10-15 superset with flat dumbbell fly – 3 x 10-15 3. Decline dumbbell press – 3 x 10-15 superset with decline dumbbell fly – 3 x 10-15 4. Incline bench press – 3 x 15 superset with incline dumbbell fly – 3 x 15 5. Close grip machine press – 3 x 20 superset with pec deck – 3 x 20 6. Incline punch – 3 x 20 superset with incline fly – 3 x 20 7. Lower fly – 3 x 20 superset with reverse lower punch – 3 x 20 8. Lateral fly – 3 x 20 superset with Rope pulley pullover – 3 x 20 9. Pulley punch (up/middle/low) – 3 x 15 superset with flat pulley fly – 3 x 20

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