Couple’s ShouldArms

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I hope you have enjoyed this short workout video. You can download the worksheet for this workout by clicking the button below. Also, if you are looking to have longer workout videos with instructions to go along with them, checkout the Team Fitt Section which includes all of my personal workouts through videos, tips and a worksheet downloadable for each workout video to keep track of your progress. Get all the details for this exclusive Section at  

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Karate workout

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Awesome shoulders workout

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Day Muscle: Shoulders Exercices Reps Sets Weights Week 1 week 2 week 3 1-barbell behind the neck press SS Arnold press 10/10 3 2-db press SS front barbell punch 10/10 3 3-side db raise (3 drop sets) 8-10-15 3 4-rear delt cable fly SS side shoulders cable fly 20/20 3 5-upright row SS machine press 20/20 3 6-barbell shurgg SS plate shrugg SS db upright row 30/30/10 3 8-abs  

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