Keep Lean and eat French toast!!!

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That’s All you need!! 3 egg whites with 1 whole egg   3/4 (25 g of splenda)   Put the slpenda in the bowl sprinkle cinnamon in take one scoop of whey protein, t why I use ‘’Beyond Yourself’’ whey protein??? because she taste good, High protein, low in carb and fat. + Each scoop contains 23 grams of highly bio-available whey protein. Sweetened with Stevia leaf, an all natural and side effect-free sweetener, you get a great tasting protein without calories or affected blood sugar levels. Furthermore, every serving is loaded with over 5 grams of BCAA’s, the most important amino acids for muscular volume, growth and recovery. Put it in the bowl mix it take 12 almonds and grind it Put brown bread low in carbs, sugar and fat in thw bowl bake it you can take that mixte to do a pancake if you want 0 carbs before bed or to be more lean It’s time to eat!!! Follow me on facebook:      

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Follow my preperation before a fitness shooting on facebook: Pump Up

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Follow me everyday on facebook, see what I’m Now —– click on that link and like that page: ALL ON Marc Fitt Fitness Page    My workout to burn all carbs 2 days out before my fitness shoot: Workout tonight!!! Burn all carbs 10 to 12 reps, 30-45 sec rest time 1-Incline bench press SS little incline cable fly x3 2- high rope back pull down x20 SS body weight chin-up SS change grip to hammer x3 3- (rear deltoid) high pulley shoulders extension SS Seated DB side raise x3 4- triceps extension (straight bar) SS DB curls x3 5- lower SS upper SS side ( decline bench legs raise SS incline raise (upper) SS wishield wiper) x4    

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Extend triceps workout!

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1min30 rest between each set, 3 sets per exercices.   1-close grip bench press (10)/ close grip push-up on DB(15)/ Reverse close grip press (10)x3           2-Skull crusher(10)/standing hammer bar extension(10)/behind the neck reverse gripp extension(straight bar)10 x3 3-triangle extension(10)/rope south to north(10)/rope north to south(10) x3 4-On pulley: straight bar extension(10)/reverse straight bar extension(10)/alternating one hand down(10/10) x3 5-Pulley Doors extension(20)/ pulley kick back (20) x3 6-(Decline(straight bar) skull crusher/ close gripp decline press/ body flank maxx out ) x3  

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Day 3: Back & Triceps Size up!!

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Day 4 Back& triceps Back 1- Warm-up   2min rest x 2sets a)      Negative weighted chin-upx 10 b)      Negative Pull-up x10 c)       V-bar lat pull down 10 each side 2-      (3/4 all set)   2min restx 3 sets a)      v-bar barbell ¾ rowsx 10 b)      ¾ barbell rowsx10 c)       One arm rows x10 each side 3-  (Middle Up)  Mid 3 2min restx 3 sets a)      v-bar mid-rows x10 b)     Hammer Strength rowsx10 c)       Supination mid-rows x10 4-  (Strenght On) 2min rest x3 sets a)      Dead lift x10 b)      Back fly x15 c)       Cable high to low, body side fly x20   Triceps 1-  Skull to the limite 2min rest x4 sets a)      Skull crusher x10 b)      close grip press  x10 2- Reverse Exset (2min rest x3 sets a)      Reverse straight bar extension x10 b)       reverse alternating pulley down  x10 x3 3- Triangle War  (2min rest x3 sets) a)      Triangle extension x10 b)      rope south to north x10 c)       rope north to south extension x10 4- (Final Round)2min rest x 3 sets a)      straight bar over the head x10 b) Triceps Dips xMaxxxx OUTTTTT!!!! b)      one arm pulley Kick back X 10 of each arm Pic of my back 3…

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Day 2: Legs Size up !!!

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Legs Size Up Workout:   2min rest between each set 1-Legs extension 4×8 2-Barbell Squats 4×8 3-Leg Press 4×8 4-Legs Curls 4×8 5- Dead Lift (straight legs) 4 x8 6- Different Legs Press 4×8 7- Seated calf raises 4×8 8- Standing one legs calf raises 4x  Maxx Out !!!! Enjoy the Legs Workout :) and Like my facebook Page :    

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Chest & Biceps Size up

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Day 1 of my new routine workout: Chest & biceps size up 1- Incline dumbbell press (4-6-8-10)repsx4 sets 2- Flat dumbbell press (6-8-10)x 3 sets 3-Decline bench press (6-8-10)x3 sets 4-Pulley Punch: (5x high, 5x mid chest, 5x low chest SS 20x mid pulley fly)x3   Biceps 1-Barbell biceps curls 10x4 2-Dumbbell curls SS Dumbbell hammer curls 10/10x3 3-Ez bar close grip pulley...
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Apocalypse Chest Workout!

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  [audio:|titles=P.O.D. – Alive] In this chest workout, you won’t just have to push yourself to complete it, you’ll have to push yourself to survive it. 1. Incline dumbbell press – 4 x 10 2. Flat bench press – 3 x 10-15 superset with flat dumbbell fly – 3 x 10-15 3. Decline dumbbell press – 3 x 10-15 superset with decline dumbbell fly – 3 x 10-15 4. Incline bench press – 3 x 15 superset with incline dumbbell fly – 3 x 15 5. Close grip machine press – 3 x 20 superset with pec deck – 3 x 20 6. Incline punch – 3 x 20 superset with incline fly – 3 x 20 7. Lower fly – 3 x 20 superset with reverse lower punch – 3 x 20 8. Lateral fly – 3 x 20 superset with Rope pulley pullover – 3 x 20 9. Pulley punch (up/middle/low) – 3 x 15 superset with flat pulley fly – 3 x 20

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