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ANIMAL BACK WORKOUT! In this video I show a typical day at the gym with my workout partner! We killed the weight, and did different training methods to help us reach another level. Enjoy the 14-minute video! Like and share if you want more videos like this one ——- Follow me Facebook: Twitter:!/Marc_Fitt Instagram: Marc Fitt’s podcast: ——- Intro song: Ignite The Night – Move The Shadows Artist page: Free download:

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Awesome shoulders workout

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Day Muscle: Shoulders Exercices Reps Sets Weights Week 1 week 2 week 3 1-barbell behind the neck press SS Arnold press 10/10 3 2-db press SS front barbell punch 10/10 3 3-side db raise (3 drop sets) 8-10-15 3 4-rear delt cable fly SS side shoulders cable fly 20/20 3 5-upright row SS machine press 20/20 3 6-barbell shurgg SS plate shrugg SS db upright row 30/30/10 3 8-abs  

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